E Book Design & Layout

Have you always wanted to create your own book or programs, but just don't have the time? Let us do it for you in an easy to download e-book format that you can provide clients or customers.

Do you have loads of content on your Blog and want to combine some parts of it into an e-book or two (or more)?

Now is your time... provide which content you'd like to include from your Blog or type out your information in a Word document and we'll organise the rest to make it look stunning and professional! Have something to show for all that knowledge and experience you have. Maybe you are wanting to put together a free download file to promote new subscribers to your email list or want a professional looking teaching program to supply to all students in your latest training?

Whatever the focus, we are here to help you make that content look spectacular and matching your branding and business goals. We even have a qualified educator proofread your content for you if you wish!

- Base price includes up to 10 single completed page layouts including cover page and 9 other pages (or additional extra) - keep this in mind when deciding on your amount of content as usually draft text typed out by clients when not yet stylised for readability and interest, will need to be spread out a little and formatted with larger font size, spacing and design elements for headings, spaces for images to break up text and tables etc.. may be required) so your blocks of text will take up extra pages when set out to maximise the benefits and aesthetics of your e-book for the intended readers.

- Extra pages additional $15 per completed page in final document (not calculated from your number of supplied text pages, but what it equates to when displayed professionally for final result)

- Stock images if required may incur small additional cost
- If you have particular images you would like to be used, it is your responsibility to ensure they are permitted to be used under purchased license or are free stock images. You also will need to supply these in a high quality file download to be usable. Alternately we can select some free or low cost options to suit from our available image library.