Website Review & D.I.Y. Recommendations

It is always a great idea to have someone look over your new website with fresh eyes and to provide an alternate view. We can not only do this, but also perform a professional review of your existing website to determine what is working well, what is not working well, how you could create a better customer experience, recommendations for design, layout, presentation, content, images and more. We will rigidly go through each and every element of your website and test links, buttons, image load times, visual layout, functioning checkout and more! We can offer you peace of mind before a public launch date, make sure you do NOT have any spelling or grammar errors in content, which can look very unprofessional once your website goes live otherwise!

We will prepare a report on our recommendations to you and how you could improve your website dramatically. We can also suggest high quality Shopify apps to enable particular functions on your website that you may be needing, or missing.

Make the most of your own D.I.Y. website design skills, by hiring us to run our experienced eyes over your work, helping you to know where to focus on next in taking your website to even higher standards, to maximise your business potential and delight potential customers!